The biggest advantage your Cypress Cay pontoon boat delivers is peace of mind. Days on the water should be worry-free and focused on fun. Cypress Cay pontoons stand apart from the crowd for our safe construction, ease of use and superb reputation. Our distinctive qualities - smooth ride, incredible comfort and sense of security - make our pontoons the obvious choice for water-loving families. You can also tell a Cypress Cay by our subtly elegant style. For the new model year, Cypress Cay has incorporated several cohesive design elements into its four models - Cayman, Cozumel, Cabana, Cambio and Seabreeze - making the whole lineup an even more stunning and unified fleet. Thanks to the following qualities found on every Cypress Cay model, they no doubt will be:
Cypress Cay boasts several top-of-the-line manufacturing processes that make it one of the best-built pontoons on the water. All Cypress Cay tubes use a full-length mounting bracket on the outside of the tube, providing a structure that absorbs and distributes the forces of rough water. A four-step water intrusion prevention process ensures water will not penetrate the deck seams. This method features butyl rubber tape on every deck joint and a polyurethane sealant in each deck groove. Each tongue gets inserted into a groove and covered with more polyurethane sealant for a leak-proof seal.


Our Cypress Cay is Amazing

We trusted Cowboys Marine to custom order our brand new 2016 Cypress Cay Pontoon Boat and we were absolutely pleased with everything!

The quality of these Cypress Cay Pontoon Boats is just awesome and was the entire buying process! Cowboys Marine even gave us a complete lake demostration to make us comfortable and familiarize us with all the boat's functions! Thank you to Sales Team and the Cowboys gang for a pleasurable experience all the way around!

Dale & Dian

Our Cypress Cay is Amazing!

Thank you Cowboys RV Marine for making this happen! We absolutely love all the options and quality of our New Cypress Cay Pontoon Boat!

We couldn't be happier! ...and what a great trade value for our old boat.

We definetely would recommend Cowboys RV Marine to anyone looking for a boat!

We are Cowboys happy!

David & Connie

A New Cypress Cay... WHOA It's the only way to Go!

Great Buying Experience!

I'd been looking at the Cowboys RV Marine website for a while and after seeing the quality of the new Cypress Cay in person.... and the modest price for what I was getting, I decided to pull the trigger! They took my older boat in trade and Bill in the finance department found me a fantastic interest rate and payment!

Thank you Mike and Cowboys RV Marine for a great buying experience!


Great Buying Experience

We are extremely pleased with Cowboys RV Marine! We had some issues with another local dealership but Cowboys made it so simple and took great care of us!

They took our diesel pusher in trade (even though it has some issues) for a brand new Cypress Cay Tri-toon and we couldn't be happier with the outcome!

Bill was able to get us great terms, interest rate and payment and we appreciate all that Bill, Sheldon and Cowboys RV Marine has done for us.

Keith & Nancy

This Place is #1 in Our Book

This Place is #1 In Our Book!